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The Assessment Process


Most assessments are completed in one session.  The process and length of the assessment will vary depending on the complexities of the child and families concerns.  Most assessements are completed  in 1-2 hours and feedback follows.  A written report can be included upon request.


The assessment may include one or more of the following:

Standardized and non-standardized tests

Parent questionnaire

Parent interview

Clinical observations


After the assessment is complete, your child's outcomes and treatment goals  are discussed with you, the family.  Your important role in the treatment circle of care will be developed through education and hands on instructions.  Children are encourged to be a part of the goal planning process when appropriate.  I strive to develop a program which addresses your child's varied needs and also welcomes the opportunity to integrate goals and strategies from other professionals working with your child.



After evaluation, a variety of services may be recommended including direct 1:1 therapy , consultative services, group therapy and /or referrals to other professionals.


Weekly one hour sessions are the most common option for treatment. Home programing suggestions are provided to compliment weekly ongoing sessions. Treatment can also include school visits, day care visits and in-home sessions.  Family members are encouraged to stay and observe the sessions when appropriate and they are an intergral part of the team.


Each child is unique and presents with his/her own challenges.  As a pediatric therapist , it is important to have a "tool box" of varied techniques and approaches to meet those needs.  Often a combination of techniques is the best way to help your child.





Consultation with family and educators is ongoing.  Assistance with referrals to other health care professionals and specialists is offered.

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